Transferring Money to the Philippines Online is Easy with PNB


Send Remittance From Bank Account
Debit a USA Account

Send Remittances where you can debit your USA account maintained at any bank for credit your beneficiary’s bank account in the Philippines or to a PNB Global Filipino Card, have your recipient pick-up the cash in any of the PNB domestic branches or have the remittance delivered to their doorstep.

You can send remittances in Philippine Peso or US Dollars.


Send Money to Any Philippines Bank
Credit to Any Bank in the Philippines

  • PNB Account - Money you send for credit to a PNB account is made available to your beneficiaries.
  • Account with Other Banks – Money you send for credit to other banks in the Philippines.

Remit Money to Filipino ATM Cards
Credit to a PNB Global Filipino Card

The PNB Global Filipino Card is a reloadable ATM card with the following features:

  • No deposit requirement and maintaining balance requirement
  • Can be used to purchase via POS
  • 24/7 ATM Access through PNB and any of the ATM Network terminals nationwide
  • Maximum withdrawal limit of P100,000 per day

Send Cash to Philippines
Cash Pick-up

If your beneficiaries don’t have a PNB account yet, you can still remit to them and they can pick-up the money at any of the PNB domestic branch all over the Philippines. The remittance will be claimed in full in Philippine Peso or US Dollars. See list of USD Payout Branches.

Door-to-Door Money Remittance Service
Door-to-Door Delivery

Remittances sent will be delivered to the Beneficiary’s doorstep within Metro Manila and Key Cities. Remittances may be in Philippine peso and US Dollars for selected areas. See list of Door-to-Door Serviceable Areas and Areas for USD Delivery.

3D Serviceable Areas (

Track your Remittances

Remittance Text Alerts
Remittance Text Alert

For every remittance you send, your beneficiary will receive a Remittance Text Alert, to inform them about the remittance and how it can be claimed.

To avail of this service, you need to update your beneficiay/ies' mobile number. Messages can be sent to any network.

Online Remittance Tracking
Remittance Tracker

You can track your remittance online. Find out if the money has been credited, delivered or picked up by your beneficiaries! Simply input the Remittance Reference Number. Click here